Atlanta Family Foot Care is proud to offer HydroTherapy Holistic Treatments

HydroTherapy can have the following uses/benefits:

  • Foot bath/foot soaks for skin care, hydration, infection management (antifungal) and prevention
  • Debridement of Toe Nails, Mycotic and elongated
  • Therapeutic Foot and Ankle Massage for Swelling, Pain, Arthritic Stiffness, Improve Range of Motion for Stability and Fall Prevention
  • Proprioception* for Balance and Gait
  • Therapeutic Leg Massage for Leg Pain, Decrease Swelling, Improve Circulation
  • Reflexology for Overall Wellness

*Proprioception: The ability to sense stimuli arising within the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium. The sense of proprioception is disturbed in many neurological disorders. It can sometimes be improved through the use of sensory integration therapy, a type of specialized occupational therapy.

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