March 7, 2023

What can I say, Dr Todd is GREAT. But before I give Dr Todd his kudos I have to say his support staff is top notch. They went out of their way to make sure I was well taken care of and knowing this I knew I was going to get top notch service from Dr Todd. Last week I stepped on a small shard of glass, I pulled it out (so I thought) and went on about my business. My foot was a little sore but I just figured it was part of the healing process til I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I called Dr Todd’s office on Monday, my day off hoping I could be seen but Nikki his front assistant told me he was on a trip and wouldn’t be back til the next day. What that meant for me was that I was going to deal with my foot for another week or so… no more than 30 minutes later Nikki called me back and said Dr Todd got in early from his trip and was going to come in to address my need. Let’s just say I showed up at 12:30 filled out paperwork and was taken care of by Dr Todd and his staff. A minor surgical procedure was done to remove the smallest sliver of glass that created a great deal of pain. Not to many people would do that for their patients, and for that I’m thankful.

Cheryl F.
January 4 2023

Dr. Tobi Todd, a dynamic podiatrist, I had my surgery in September 2021. I am a retired certified medical office assistant with over 25 years experience. Never have I ever experienced any physician I’ve work for that personally called the patient every evening for three days checking on how I’m feeling and if I have any complications. Although this was out patient surgery Dr Todd did this for me. Not only that the staff was very professional, caring, helpful. This practice is phenomenal.

Nicole L.
My daughter has suffered with an ingrown toenail for years and first saw Dr. Todd when she was 6 years old. He was patient, gentle, and kind and we talked about a more permanent solution once she got older. Now at 14, she has had the same complaint. A few years ago, she saw another physician who was *not* as patient and gentle as Dr. Todd and left her terrified of the procedure to remove the nail.

Thankfully, I remembered that we previously visited a nearby doctor who was thorough, helpful, and had a wonderful bedside manner. Google helped my memory to identify who he was and we ended back at Dr.Todd’s office. He was awesome! He took the time to explain the procedure in detail and assured her he was not going to hurt her. He performed a procedure that will be a permanent solution for her issue and talked her through each step. She was shocked that it didn’t hurt and suggested that he should record meditation audio/video because his demeanor is that soothing!

Everyone in the office is pleasant – Allison (Dr. Todd’s nurse), her trainee, and the woman who checked us in at the desk. I highly recommend this practice! If ever we have another foot issue, this will be our medical staff to address it!

Talton N.
Very knowledgeable visit. Dr Todd as well as the office staff were very professional and were concerned about my needs. I truly was very surprised at how well my needs were met. I honestly walked out of the office with my feet feeling 100% better. The best place to go for problems with your feet. Thank you all for such a positive visit.

P. Jenkins
December 22, 2018

A great doctor! He cares for his patients. He’s gentle and takes time to listen to your concerns and problems about your feet. He doesn’t rush! He makes me feel at ease and comfortable — just like his father did when my mother was his patient.

E. Ray
December 21, 2018

Dr Todd is an exemplary doctor. He is always very thorough and always takes the time to answer all questions that I might have. I highly endorse/recommend him and his staff for foot care.

C. Roland
November 2, 2018

The first time that I visited Dr.Todd the ball of my feet hurted so bad that I didn’t want to walk on them, but I work in the neonatal Intensive Care on my feet all day. Dr.Todd is a miracle worker I purchased a pair of prosthetic inserts and one year later and my feet are like new. I could dance all night. Thanks Dr.Todd

Charlmonique Cunningham
July 31, 2017

Dr. Todd is the best! I was extremely nervous about my procedure but he was very patient an explained every step. I love the office staff!! Tonya and Angelyca really are awesome!! Truly A FAMILY!!?

Anita Lee
July 20, 2017

I was so impressed the first time I walked into the office with my elderly mother.

Dr. Todd took excellent care of my mother for three plus years; before she transitioned. I cannot say enough about Dr. Tobi Todd and his staff, He could get my mother to agree and carry out all of his orders. All he did was talk to her gently, smile, explain things to her, and make her think it was her decision. He worked with her so well with her in her Demented state and NEVER became frustrated with her. If you know anything about Dementia you will know it is a thief in the night; that robs a person of all dignity. It was such a difficult journey for me at times. I watched and learned from her medical providers. THANKS FOR THE SURVIVAL TECHNIQUES.

Mother contracted a very bad foot infection and Dr. Todd cleared it up in no time, he persuaded her to wear her foot brace, and to take her medication. She would tell her Caregivers what Dr. Todd said and it would be correct. She loved going to see “her son” as she called him. She would say, “he is such a nice boy.” I would explain to her that he was a Doctor and she should not refer to him as a boy. She would say, Alright and smile! Then in the next sentence she would say he is such a nice boy. She said it to him several times and he said, Thank You with a smile. They truly had a mutual admiration for one another.

I have NEVER seen an entire office staff on the same page with professionalism, patient care, respect, and helping a person maintain their dignity.

Thank you, Dr. Tobi Todd and Staff for making my mother’s journey less painful for her. I can tell you that you made a very positive difference in her life.Your medical treatment and your bedside manner.

Yes! Ten Gold Stars for Team Dr. Tobi Todd and Staff.

Awo Olasewe
June 22, 2017

I was pleasantly pleased with my first visit. I felt very comfortable with him and his office staff.

Lashaunte McKinney
August 10, 2016

Dr. Todd took great care of my 11 year old. He was so gentle. The service from arrival was so professional. I recommend this foot specialist to anyone!!!!

Barbara M.
Aug 09, 2019


Dr. J.
Apr 03, 2018
Mother’s Foot Surgery

We could not be more satisfied with our experience with the surgery and after care of my mother Nadean Milling. Dr. Todd made us feel that he deeply care about his patients. He took the time to listen and address all concerns. Thank you Dr. Todd!

Mrs. A.
Mar 02, 2018
Toe Surgery

I usually don’t write reviews or anything, but I had to take this opportunity to let the newcomer patient and even the old timers, or the potential clients know how amazing Dr. Todd and his staff was during my pre-op, surgery and now post op, I had the surgery done on 12/27/2017 and now my toe , which felt like my entire foot, is pain free and I am truly grateful and highly recommend Dr. Todd to anyone who is having pain or problems with their feet, please don’t hesitate to give them a call. I’m a fan for life! Mrs. Griffin